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More Warning Signs: USA Road Signs

Other Embossed Warning Signs

Caution Deaf Child PlayingSchool ZoneSlow ChildrenSchool 15 Miles Per Hour
Watch ChildrenWatch for ChildrenDead EndCaution School Crossing
SlowSlowSlow School Crossing AheadStop Ahead
Soft ShoulderSchool Bus Stop

Turn and Curve (W1 Series)

Turn (Left)Turn (Right)Curve (Right)Truck RolloverWinding Road (Left)
Arrow (Two Directions)Large Arrow (Two Directions)Large Arrow (One Direction)Chevron

Intersection (W2 Series)

Cross RoadSide RoadRoundabout

Advance Traffic Control (W3 Series)

Stop Ahead (W3-1)Bike Trail Stop Ahead (W3-1)Stop Ahead (W31-A)Signal Ahead (W3-3)

Merge and Lane Transition (W4 Series)

Merge LeftMerging TrafficLane Ends

Pavement Conditions (W8 Series)

SlowDanger SlowCautionCaution SlowLimited Sight Distance
High WaterSoft ShoulderDipSlow Loose GravelSlow Fresh Oil
Pavement Ends

Advance Warning and Crossing (W11 Series)

Truck EntrancePedestrian CrossingFarm EquipmentSnowmobile CrossingCaution Cross Traffic

Advisory Speed (W13 Series)

15 MPH20 M.P.H.25 MPH35 M.P.H.40 M.P.H.

Dead End, No Outlet and No Passing (W14 Series)

Dead EndNo OutletNo Passing Zone

School & Children (S Series)

Slow Children PlayingSchool Bus Turn Around AheadSchool Bus Turn AroundWatch ChildrenWatch for Children Slow ChildrenSlow ChildrenSlow Children at PlaySlow Children At PlayCaution Pedestrian CrossingSchoolSchool CrossingSchool Speed Limit 20 When Children Are PresentWhen Pedestrians Are Present

Object Markers

Yellow on Yellow Object Marker (CM-9)

Other Warning Signs

Quiet Zone14ft 3in Clearance